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Discover Tranquility with a Retreat at Olympion Village.

Host Your Retreat in Greece at Olympion Village – Corfu.

Stay in the heart of Corfu

At Olympion Village we offer the opportunity to wellness professionals, coaches, yoga and retreat instructors to host their community at our resort. This is an effort to create a partnership that will allow you to make the dream of hosting your own retreat come true.

Being one of the few hotels in the island of Corfu that provides the opportunity to host a private retreat in Corfu – Greece, we offer bespoke services at reasonable and affordable prices thus giving the opportunity to everyone who wants to take part in a unique retreat experience.

By hosting your own retreat in our hotel you are able to spend quality time and enjoy the nature of a village in South Corfu together with your existing community, while at the same time, we enable you to attract people worldwide.
We also offer the flexibility to design your retreat in your own way that will meet the needs of your group as you are the only one who knows best what your team needs most.

What we offer:

Hotel Services:

The hotel complex is comprised from the 5 main areas. First place to consider is the reception, which is available 24/7 hours a day. Next to the reception you can find the Main Bar, where you can enjoy an evening pre-drink while awaiting for your dinner. On the other side of the hotel, it is our restaurant that is open all day long providing you with the opportunity to experience our delicious dishes. During the day time you can relax and enjoy the sunshine around our spacious pool. Additionally, there is a mini market available for any extras you might need during your stay.


Mediterranean diet could be the best option during a retreat. In our restaurant you can experience the authenticity of the Greek Cuisine by tasting our homely prepared dishes. The ingredients used are mainly local and organically – grown. A delicious dinner must always be accompanied with a unique wine. Here you can find a wide selection of Greek and locally produced wines.


In terms of its location, the hotel is situated on top of a hill just outside the main strip of Kavos. It is 5 miles away from the town of Lefkimmi, a place where tourists can experience the authentic lifestyle of the local people. Around the area of Kavos and the broader area of Lefkimmi, you can discover a lot of the hidden gems of South Corfu such as the secret beach (also known as Arkoudilas) – one of the few unspoiled beaches of the island.

See the Discover Section for more information regarding the areas that can be explored during your stay.

By hosting your retreat at Olympion Village in Corfu, you will bring out the best of the Greek experience.

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