history Olympion Village Hotel
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When the fairytale became a dream

history Olympion Village Hotel

It all started, when the fairy tale became a dream inspired by the beautiful place of a fishing village and an olive grove that created an environment like the one described in the ancient writings about the place where the ancient Greek fairies, the nymphs, lived. Where the natural beauty of the olive-clad hills met the immensity of the sea, a source of life for the ancient Phaeacians, a stop on the great journey of Odysseus, we married ancient Greek mythology and history with the innovative Greek creativity, and we built a hotel unit that respects the natural beauty of our place of origin and the needs of our modern guests.

Thus, without us even realizing it, the dream fairy tale became a reality. A reality that we want to share with you during your vacation so that you forget the habits imposed by the modern lifestyle and explore together another era when man was the center of creation of all the beautiful elements that harmoniously connected with natural beauty.
The olympion village is our creation and especially of the owner and designer who linked modern techniques with the deep knowledge of the ancient Greek hospitality of the Greeks (after all, they also had the king of their gods in it).

So welcome to our place, your wishes are an order for us to fulfill!