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Gastronomy & local products

The traditional dishes of Corfu are a delight for the taste buds. When you visit this beautiful island, you should definitely try dishes such as pastitsada, sofrito and unique wines. Also, don't forget to try tsitsimpira, a lemon juice with natural lemon oil and ginger. These dishes represent the rich gastronomy of the island and will offer you a unique culinary experience.

beaches of Corfu

Must see in Corfu!

Corfu is one of the most beautiful and popular Greek island destinations. It is known for its natural beauties, its history and its traditional villages. Some must-see attractions in Corfu include the Achilleion, the Olive Museum, the Asian Art Museum, the Liston.
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couple vacation in Corfu

First vacation together

They say a couple's first vacation can make or break them! You will be with your loved one 24 hours a day, you will see the other person in their best and worst moments and you will not have a moment of your personal space. Can you handle it? Here's a practical guide to keep your romantic vacation from turning into a nightmare!

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How to keep children from getting bored while traveling?

Surely you've been in the difficult position of having to be 'mean', shouting across a crowded ship, at your child to finally sit still, stop running around the corridors like a lunatic and stop squealing with boredom!
Get organized and take books, drawing materials or small toys with you.

ship in the sea

Travelling by ship

Learn your rights and obligations when traveling by ship so that you don't have to suffer at the port again this summer. In summer in Greece, the ship is the most common means of transport. But for many of us it is synonymous with suffering and problems. That is why we must know our rights and obligations.

suitcase for holidays

Fit everything in a suitcase

You've booked everything for your next trip and it's time to pack your suitcase. How many times have you had to take things out and put them back in until they all fit? Or how many times have you returned from a trip and wondered why you carried some things with you that you ended up not using?