suitcase for holidays
How to fit everything

In a suitcase

suitcase for holidays

Tips to make packing easier

1. Shoes take up a lot of space so make sure you pick a pair or two that go with as many outfits as possible.
2. Take at least a thin jacket. You never know what weather you will encounter!
3.Always place shampoos and all liquids in bags inside the vanity.
4. Don't skimp on underwear and T-shirts. You never know what might happen.
5. Leave some space in your suitcase because you will get something from there.
6. The clothes you take with you make sure they all match with... everything!
7. Avoid jeans no matter how comfortable they are... Or at least limit them! They take up a lot of space and are heavy... There are many other options to stand out stylistically.

Things you should get without a second thought:
- Mobile charger - iPad - camera - camera
-Medicines & Hygiene items
-Book, pen, magazines to pass the time more pleasantly
-Face towel
-Car/motorcycle license