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Surely you've been in the difficult position of having to be 'mean', shouting across a crowded ship, at your child to finally sit still, stop running around the corridors like a lunatic and stop squealing with boredom! Maybe you weren't organized properly? A recent trip with my daughter gave me the idea to write you some smart tips to keep your little one sane!

Books: It will definitely distract him while keeping him entertained and we don't necessarily mean books, you can also magazines.

Drawing materials: Bring drawing pads and markers or crayons. Be sure that the child will absorb enough.

Small toys: What your child will definitely ask for during a long trip is their favorite toy. You can also take along a puzzle that will keep him busy or some card activity game.

Snacks: Surely by making a long trip you will have made sure to have various snacks with you in case your child gets hungry.

Children's movie on the laptop: It is one of the only times you will not regret putting a movie on the laptop since it will keep it busy for at least two hours.