local products of Corfu

The local products

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Don't forget to taste...

Don't leave without trying traditional dishes such as pastitsada (thick spaghetti with roasted rooster, beef or even seafood) and sofrito (thin slices of fried beef with white sauce). As well as fresh fish cooked with well-known Venetian recipes, such as burdeto, savouro or bianco, cod with agada (fried cod with garlic from almonds, bread, oil and vinegar), haddock (dried cod, which was considered the burdeto of the rich) and seafood. Also try the local soft drink tsitsimpyra (lemon juice with natural lemon oil and ginger) as well as the local Corfu Beers from Arillas brewery. Corfu also has good quality wine from various varieties, such as Kakotrygis (white), Moschato (white) and Petrokorithos (brusko red). In addition, small quantities of cured meats (be sure to look for numbulo, a type of prosciutto) and dairy products are produced here. Must is also the special variety of mini Corfu strawberries and the kumquat, a fruit brought by the English from Japan and now a trademark of the island, while you can find it in various forms such as liqueur and spoon dessert. Finally, take sycomaids (pies made with figs, must, pepper and ouzo) and the famous mantolos with you when you leave.